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How it began...


As a child, I always wanted to be the center of attention.  I'm sure no one can relate to that right?  I loved singing, dancing, acting, writing, drawing...anything that allowed me the greatest expression of my innermost feelings.  Then I grew up and things changed.  I still loved doing those things, but I lacked confidence...I felt that I was never going to be "good enough" to make it.  I didn't have formal training, so I felt intimidated, and I wished someone would teach me what I yearned to learn.


I remember sitting in church one day, and Pastor Chuck Singleton of Loveland Church urged, "Ask God to give you a passion", and I did.  I was seventeen years old. That's pretty much all I remember because after that day in church (I didn't know it then), but God was going to place a passion in my heart so unbelievably big,, and powerful that it would change my destiny.


That same year I won the Inland Area Urban League's Miss Black Inland Area scholarship pagent in a field of over three hundred gifted girls.  I performed a dramatic reading of "The Creation" by James Weldon Johnson (Today, they call it spoken word)...before an audience of more than 600 people.  They told me grown men were crying when I finished.  I was humbled at God's power.   I simply shared what was deep in my heart.  Right then, my vision began to form.  "I could use my talent to help others be successful, too!" 

Well, from that moment on my life changed.  My passion took flight and I knew I wanted to inspire young people to pursue their dreams!  I began taking on leadership roles, writing plays, starting organizations for teens, married, became a mom, going to college, earning two degrees, divorced   ...( and so much more).  All of which lead me to start my company--Artisan Leaders with New-Fangled Visions Productions in 1999.  A company that embraces people who dare to dream!  Absolutely!

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